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About Us

ROB and CINDY DORFMANN are International award winning filmmakers and television producers. They produce the film Making an Exoneree which has won over 10 best documentary feature film awards around the globe, their television shows have aired on all major networks, and they known for their compelling storytelling skills in the true crime genre..  After producing a documentary on the mysterious missing persons case of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes for the Oxygen Network in 2018, the Dorfmanns decided to do a deep dive into the case. In 2022 they launched their podcast division with PARTNERS IN TRUE CRIME: WHO KILLED MOLLY MILLER AND COLT HAYNES.  With over 200,000 downloads in just over three months, the podcast has been a huge success and the case is no longer cold…with new information, new witnesses and new evidence the case is finally close to being solved after almost a decade.  Now 722 Media Content is expanding with several exciting new shows that are about to launch.




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